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People are starting to move away from prescription drugs, switching to plant-derived alternatives in a bid to avoid experiencing nasty side effects. Combine that with the incredible new science on cannabis and various component of the herb, and it’s no wonder that this famous herb is enjoying a resurgence. Research into cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, has been going on since 1940, but only in the past 20 years or so have medical scientists realized just what a positive impact the cannabinoid can have on the endocannabinoid system and general health.

Now the benefits are clear, the market for CBD has expanded markedly, and consumers have a seemingly endless list of products to choose from, including CBD creams, CBD gummy bears and CBD concentrates. However, our focus in this article is going to be on vaporizing, and the range of CBD vape oil and e-liquid bottles available. Vaping is immensely popular among CBD users, thanks to the excellent speed of delivery of cannabinoids, and the ability to select from low, medium and high-strength potencies.

The world of cannabis caters for a breadth of interests, satisfying recreational smokers, medicinal users who need whole-plant treatment, and those who want therapeutic relief from their cannabis, but not psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects. When vaped, CBD can administer near-instant potent relief from neuropathic pain, notorious inflammatory conditions and multiple mental health disorders. Furthermore, regular CBD usage does not cause a chemical addiction in the endocannabinoid system, so it’s a much safer treatment for pain than opioid-based painkillers – overall, opioid overdoses cause more than 100 deaths in the United States every single day.

Let’s take a closer look at CBD vape juice and explore the most popular types of e-liquid and vaporizers around.

CBD E-Liquid: The Fast-Track To Genuine Relief

CBD e-liquid is made with a CBD extract and a carrier oil, usually either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG). Vaporizing has become more common among tobacco and cannabis smokers, as long-term studies into the health risks of smoking consistently show that it can cause oral cancer, lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis and more. However, vaping does not expose the lungs to anywhere near as many carcinogens or toxins as smoking, and high-quality research has now confirmed the safety of this revolutionary inhalation method.

Moreover, vaping also helps to prevent a process called “free radical aging.” All kinds of smoke contain free radicals which are terrible for the skin as they degrade DNA when stealing electrons. Evidently, smokers are more vulnerable to free radical aging than non-smokers – just another reason to switch to vaping.

The CBD products that are legally sold online and shipped all over the United States are made from industrial hemp, a medically-beneficial plant consisting mostly of CBD, but with traces of other cannabinoids. However, the concentrations of THC are so low in hemp that any psychoactive high is mitigated, and further drowned out by CBD’s antipsychotic properties. Therefore, as hemp products only have therapeutic or dietary uses, there’s no need for them to be banned.

The online market is full of hemp-based CBD e-liquid products, so it’s important to ensure the safety and quality of your chosen vape juice. This can be done by seeking out third-party laboratory test results for the e-liquid you’re purchasing, which is typically provided by all good CBD manufacturers and vendors. Hemp can pick up some unwanted heavy metals when in the ground, and also toxins if pesticides are used during cultivation. Therefore, it’s best to find a CBD vape oil where the hemp was grown organically, and which used the supercritical CO2 extraction method to separate the extract from the plant matter. This is the gold standard for hemp and cannabis extraction, as it effectively and reliably removes metals and toxins.

CBD is ideal for self-medicating with, as the compound has no abuse potential according to a committee of the World Health Organization, and nor have there been any overdoses from taking CBD, or any cannabis. But for CBD specifically, the non-psychoactive, non-addictive and safeness of the cannabinoid makes people comfortable to experiment with it for themselves.

More Benefits Of Vaping CBD E-Liquid

CBD e-liquid is recommended for those who need immediate relief from symptoms, as it works faster than CBD oil, edibles and capsules. When vaporizing, heating the e-liquid activates the CBD compounds, which are then inhaled as part of the vapor. These molecules then permeate through the tissue of the alveoli in the lungs and into the bloodstream, where it can start endocannabinoid system modulation. This process takes just a couple of minutes, so it doesn’t take long to work out if a stronger dose is required. In contrast, the effects of edibles often cannot be gauged properly until 60 to 90 minutes after taking them.

There are numerous benefits to edibles if discretion or longer-lasting relief is important, but if you have the luxury of being able to vape whenever you’d like, the potent effects of e-liquid can be the best way of combatting several types of discomfort. Consumers can choose between flavored and unflavored e-juice, and also if they just want CBD, or the benefits of a full-plant extract from a non-psychoactive strain of hemp.

Maximize Your Vaping Experience

First-time vapers and CBD users may be a little apprehensive before medicating for the first time, but there are a few tips and tricks to help you have an enjoyable and therapeutic experience – and they’re all easy to get the hang of.

Before filling the tank of your vaporizer with CBD e-juice, shake up the bottle to stop CBD residue from getting stuck and reducing the potency of the vapor. Beginning with a low dose and gradually increasing it by incremental amounts allows you to judge how various quantities of CBD are affecting you. Some conditions can only be treated with larger doses, but for other ailments a small dose will suffice. It’s important to ascertain a suitable dose, however, as otherwise you could end up spending more than necessary on CBD e-liquid.

There are two ways you can vape – by taking slow, controlled inhales, or by trying to blow the biggest clouds possible. While the desire may be strong to do the latter, and we admit that it does look pretty cool, this may not be the most efficient way of intaking CBD. However you choose to vape, light-headedness tends to be a good indicator that you’ve consumed a big enough dose.

For those who’d rather not have to refill their vape tanks and risk making a mess, check out CBD cartridges . Vaping and CBD newbies may also find cartridges preferable, as most are designed to release the same quantity of CBD with each inhalation.

Why CBD Vape Oil Could Be Beneficial For You?

There are countless medicinal benefits of CBD, and this cannabis component is often safer and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs, especially those made with synthetics. Here are a couple of prominent health issues that can be brought under control with CBD.

Depression Studies have shown that CBD indirectly effects the CB1 receptor in the ECS and interacts with the 5-HT1A receptor in the serotonin system – both of these receptors have been linked to mood and are potential targets for anxiety and depression medication. Depression is a mood disorder affecting 300 million people, around 4 percent of the global population.

CBD helps promote anandamide, a neurotransmitter with antidepressant properties that binds with the CB1 receptor. Researchers became aware of anandamide in 1992, and while there’s still a lot we don’t understand about this neurotransmitter, it is apparent that CBD boosts its presence in the body by blocking fatty acid amide hydrolase, an enzyme that breaks down anandamide.


Social, generalized and postpartum anxiety are three kinds of anxiety that cause overthinking, rumination, worst-case scenario imagination and more; all of which are thought patterns that affect mental health, sociability and quality of life. However, researchers in Europe found that CBD was a much more effective anxiolytic than placebo treatments in a 2011 study involving public speaking – a single dose of 600mg was given to a group of treatment-naïve anxiety patients.

Some – if not all – of CBD’s anti-anxiety properties come from resetting brain balance. Anxiety sufferers tend to experience excessive excitation in the brain, which can be calmed down by GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter. CBD helps more GABA neurotransmitters to hook up to the landing site on GABA-A receptors, which in turn boosts anxiety relief. The intense and rapid soothing and calming effect from vaping e-juice are handy for suppressing an anxiety attack early.


You don’t need a specific medical condition to start vaporizing CBD, and products made from hemp are available to everyone – no medical cannabis card required! The future looks promising for cannabinoid research and endocannabinoid system and understanding, and as mainstream doctors, nutritionists and other health experts recognize the value in endocannabinoid system regulation, expect to see an even greater wave of interest for CBD. Not to mention, CBD should thrive as the spotlight on mental health becomes brighter.

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